History of the Breed

The Weimaraner has been maintained as a pure breed for well over a century in Germany and its ancestry can be seen clearly in paintings dated as long ago as 1630.Their written history begins around 1880, when this breed was first exhibited in Berlin. The Grand Duke Karl August of Weimar (Germany), wanted to develop a hunt, point and retrieve gundog.  It is speculated that he used a number of dog breeds to accomplish his end purpose. The dogs were originally bred in the independent state of Weimar, for their qualities of intelligence, companionship and beauty, and especially for their all round ability to hunt, point, track & retrieve in all sorts of cover whatever the terrain. This combination along  with their unique colouration has earned them the nickname of  “The Grey Ghost”. Once established, the noblemen carefully guarded their dogs from indiscriminate breeding in order to preserve their excellent characteristics.  When the independent state of Weimar became part of a United Germany, the German Weimaraner Club maintained this tradition. It was only in 1937 that the first dogs were exported to the U.S.A. and not until this time did anyone outside of Germany own a Weimaraner. The breed was introduced to Britain by Major R.H. Petty in 1952,  where he had enjoyed hunting with them whilst serving in Germany.  It was his wish to see them established here in the U.K.


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